Special purpose machines

Some applications cannot be implemented with traditional means. Thus we offer specialised conveyor and sortation devices. We strive to offer ideal performance with least effort.

  • assembly line Oral B (Braun, Marktheidenfeld)
  • assembly line hairdryer (Braun, Irland)
  • assembly machine clutches (Aeroquid, Baden-Baden)
  • assembly machine clamp with clip (Norma, Maintal)
  • system for separation of cartons (Sinterstahl, Füssen)
  • manual operation workplace for three pole sockets (Wöhner, Rödenthal)
  • logistics centre (ABB, Heidelberg)
  • conveyor for screws with grouting device
  • conveyor for camera system with pivoting hopper


-Sortiertechnik und Automation

As a manufacturer of sorting systems and feeding devices, which can look back on many years of successful development, is one of the few companies in this branch